Skill Builders Club

  • $30.00

Skill Builders Club

The Skill Builders Club was created to provide an education source for Gammill Statler owners who want continuing education.

It is a bi-monthly (every other month) project based learning experience based on the most recent version of CreativeStudio.

The club sets will be sent out on the 15th of February, April, June, August, October and December. The recurring charge is $30.00 per club set.

Note:  If you join mid-month, you will be billed immediately and receive the current bi-monthly project set. 

Club Membership automatically continues until a customer unsubscribes. Members can manage their subscriptions when logged into their account.

April - Saving TIme

Techniques for April

  • Design Themes
  • Geometric Line for Troubleshooting
  • P2P Efficiency
  • Using What you Have
  • Border Shrinkage            
  • Double Triangle Corners