About us

Methodist Hill Quilt Studio was started in 2005, originally providing hand-guided longarm services using a Gammill Optimum. In 2006, the Gammill Optimum was retrofitted with a Statler Stitcher and my digital quilting world began.  

I have been a certified trainer for all versions of Creative Studio and have an informational newsletter you can sign up for from the link on my home page and several instructional videos on YouTube.  Click here for a link to my YouTube page. 

I use Autosketch for my design work and in the early years designed patterns for just myself, but in 2012, I came up with the concept for my original P2P Modular Design (MD) triangles. Taking a base triangle design and pairing it with toppers that are interchangeable with other base triangles gives users exponential pattern possibilities. 

Since the original P2P MD Modular Designs, I have added many other unique patterns such as the Modular Channel (MD Channel) triangles with interchangeable inside triangles, P2P Half Square Triangle (HST) patterns, P2P Hexagons, a popular MD Curvy Channel triangle set and a MD Channel 60 Degree triangle set. 
In 2017, the All In One Club (AIO) was launched as a monthly club which combined, piecing and digital patterns, along with written and video instructions. In 2019 the club was bi-monthly and in 2020, the club moved to quarterly. It's lots of work - but I love it.

In 2018, Joyce joined up with Joan Knight to offer users the Skill Builders Club. This monthly club, for Statler users, is a complete learning package. Each month, members get a project, the piecing and digital patterns and full video and written instructions to assist in completing the project and learning CreativeStudio software.

Thanks for visiting and check back again soon to see what's new!