MD2 Scroll Set

  • $60.00

A Modular Design 2 P2P base pattern and 6 coordinating P2P Triangles for the top. Base is designed at 12 inches wide. Coordinating P2P triangles are 6 inches wide. Combine the base with a coordinating MD2 Scroll P2P triangle included with the set or a P2P triangle from another set or from your own pattern library. NOTE: Toppers from the original Modular Design sets will work with the MD2 base ONLY IF you make the Topper into a P2P triangle first. MD2 P2P Triangle tops will not work with MD bases. The set is a great deal!! After combining you get 6 large triangles and in addition the 6 small coordinating triangles can be used by themselves.

The MD2 Scroll Base and P2P Triangle tops were designed based on a 16 grid. Examples and instructions of how to combine included in zip file.