December 2023 Ornamental Elements Skill Builders Club Set

  • $100.00

If you are a current Skill Builders Club member, you have a discount code to use at checkout to purchase this set at the club price of $30.00. You can find this discount code in the newsletter.

This project is the December 2023 Skill Builders Club set. 

The December 2023 Skill Builders Club techniques are:

  • Background Texture- 4 ways            
  • Pattern to Boundary – odd shapes
  • Fill Inside            
  • Mirror
  • Nudge            
  • Repeat Patterns
  • Nodes- Divide
      The Skill Builders Club is for the Statler owner looking for continuing education. It is an educational learning experience.  Each month's project will have a focus on different CreativeStudio techniques with additional tips.