June 2021 Dream Big Holiday Skill Builder Club Set

  • $100.00

If you are a current Skill Builders Club member, you have a discount code to use at checkout to purchase this set at the club price of $30.00. You can find this discount code in the newsletter.

This project is the June 2021 Skill Builders Club set.  It is for Statler Only.  Set includes written instruction, video instruction, all patterns (QLI) and CS project. (gproj)  

  • The June 2021 Skill Builders Club techniques are:

    • Specific Pattern Placement
      • Pattern to Boundary
      • Drag and Drop
    • Straight Line Boundary
    • Backgrounds
      • Circular Array – Radiating Channel Lines
      • Bonus - Radiating S Curve Channels
    • Determining center for large background areas
    • Draw Line Speed
    • Multi-edit Pattern Properties
    The Skill Builders Club is for the Statler owner looking for continuing education. It is a hands on educational learning experience.  Each month's project will have a focus on different CreativeStudio techniques along with additional tips.