Skill Builders Club

September 2020 - Panel Playtime


  • Borders – 2 Ways – Border Corner and Apply – Concatenating Patterns
  • Working with Piano Keys in Borders
  • Side Borders – Turning
  • Pattern Density/Consistency
  • B2B (Border to Border) in E2E Mode – Concatenating Patterns
  • Roll Quilt – End of Set
  • Troubleshooting in E2E
    • Adjusting patterns at the bottom of the quilt
    • Clicking wrong EOS (end of set)
    • Start/End of pattern is at the top for EOS




All In One Club

September 2020 AIO

Modern Square Dance



Jump Starter Bundles


We always listen to your needs, so if you are a new Skill Builder member we have created 2 Jump Starter Bundles. Each bundle consists of 3 monthly projects complete with patterns, project, video and PDFs. We specifically chose prior monthly projects with basic CS techniques that benefit newer Statler owners.

Jump Starter Bundle 1 consists of the January, February & March 2019 Sets.

Jump Starter Bundle 2 consists of April, May & August 2019 Sets.

Each bundle is just $60.00 if your are a current Skill Builder member. A discount code is required at checkout and is listed in the newsletter, a copy of which is in the download zipfile.