Ripplets E2E - Set 1

  • $115.00

Ripplets E2E Set 1 includes 13 Ripplet Patterns. It does NOT include Ripplets for Apply, Alternating Ripplet patterns, Random Ripplets patterns or the Large Ripplet patterns (90 in wide)

Ripplets Pearls Swirls and Bumps, Ripplets Hearts Swirls and Loops, Ripplets Pearls and Feathers, Ripplets Stars and Hearts, Ripplets Flowers and Hearts Ripplets and Holly, Ripplets and Bumps, Ripplets and Feathers, Ripplets and Flowers, Ripplets and Hearts, Ripplets and Loops, Ripplets and Pearls, Ripplets and Swirls.

Purchased individually the cost is $195. Set 1 cost is $115, a 40%+ savings

Zip file includes a PDF on how to set up in Repeat Patterns