June 2020 Skill Builders Elegant Array Wholecloth Club Set

  • $100.00

Instructions for this set are presented for the Statler, but pattern sets are available for BQM, HQF, IQP and PAT formats. 


If you are a current Skill Builders Club member, you have a discount code to use at checkout to purchase this set at the club price of $30.00. You can find this discount code in the newsletter.

This Elegant Array project is the June 2020 Skill Builders Club set. Patterns in this set work wonderfully on the Hoffman Dream Big Ethereality panel. 

Techniques for June 2020

  • Basting for wholecloth accuracy
  • Basting on a 45 degree
  • Concatenating Circular Array
  • Linework Fill
  • Quilt Angle for Repeat Patterns
  • Apply
  • Draw Arc from machine head
  • Draw Boundary